48 – Lentil Soup

Cooking, photographing and then writing – sometimes the full trifecta just seems like too much. In my foolish youth, I used to make much smaller commitments to my food; by that I mean three to four minutes in a microwave (though sometimes as much as five). It wasn’t good on many levels, but it was fast and easy. Now I’m committing to all of the following: a drawn out, home-cooked meal (as close to “from scratch” as possible); photos I’ll like in the moment, then scrutinize endless afterwards; and a suitably-long post, expressing wit, charm, and information relevant to the dish at hand.

Tonight, it just isn’t happening, though. Faithful readers may argue that that has never happened (the expressing wit and charm aspects, I mean), but regardless, it’s definitely not happening tonight. Tomorrow is Friday, it has felt like a long week (though the holiday Monday made it shorter than most), and I’m drained. The effort tonight, I’ll be honest, is being poured completely into the second part of this food flogging – oops, that should be “blogging”…silly Freudian slip – endeavor: the photographs.

With that being said, if you want to recreate this dish (which I recommend, as it’s delicious, filling, and simple), it’s from Martha Stewart’s “Everyday Living: Great Food Fast” cookbook (just like Recipe #46 – Tandoori Chicken with Yogurt Sauce). If you don’t own the book, fear not, for Ms. Stewart has posted it online.

I followed the recipe closely, though I opted for a few slight modifications due to loving bacon, among other things. Those modifications were: using five pieces of bacon instead of three, because bacon; using 1 2/3 cups split red lentils instead of 1 1/2 cups regular lentils, because those were the remnants I had in my kitchen; and using a 946ml container of broth instead 15 oz of the canned variety, as that’s what we had left from Mateja’s last Costco run. Aside from that, the recipe is as described in the book and online.

As advertised though, I’ll be short on words instead express myself more through the pictures. So with that, I wish you the happiest of times in the kitchen, cooking or otherwise.

Already smelling good, with simply the bacon, carrots and onions mixed together.
Garlic and tomato paste now in, and new aromas are flooding the air.
Everything except the vinegar and seasoning added in, and ready to start simmering. This is where the house really starts to smell good…
Finally, glimpses of the finished product. To the right you can see Mateja’s birthday present she received yesterday from my parents, a Le Creuset spatula set. Seriously, the perfect present for our chaotic kitchen.
Hopefully I achieved my goal of making this look a bit more artistic. I wish I’d filled the bowl more, as in later photos, and even doctored the food a bit; you know, strain out some of the liquid to make it appear extra thick and enhance the details. I feel like I’d have to start making fun of myself for doing that, though.


The bread that appeared in the earlier photos, then disappeared, as actually stale stuff from a loaf we ate a few days earlier. Pictures don’t express that though, right?

Lentil Soup

As it’s nearly the weekend, I am once again submitting to Angie’s Fiesta Friday. It’s great unwinding on a Friday afternoon, checking out what fellow bloggers have decided to share, so I’m eagerly looking forward to it as always.


14 thoughts on “48 – Lentil Soup

  1. A favorite soup but I make mine with green lentils and turkey kielbasa. I like your version with the red lentils and of course a favorite ingredient – bacon!!! Thanks for bringing this delightful soup to Fiesta Friday 🙂


    1. By no means(!) – but I appreciate that you have given me the benefit of the doubt! I guess I’ll have to put a little edit in there, but I do like the sound of flogging…
      I used to re-read multiple times to check for little errors like that, but three posts in three days has taken its toll. I’m relaxing this weekend – no posts until Sunday at least, if I can help it. As for the long weekend – as I’m Canadian, I unfortunately had my long weekend last week. Oh well, I hope you enjoy the extra day off enough for the both of us!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Keep flogging! I used to proof so much that it was hard to let go of that publish button. Heck not any more. Matter of fact sometimes I find an error and wonder why it never stood out because it’s so blatant! Enjoy your weekend too!

        Liked by 1 person

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