47 – Tandoori Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

The humor of feeling cocky when it comes to a chicken dish is not lost on me. In a matter of months, I’ve gone from being intimidated by very basic recipes, to feeling above entire cookbooks. Recipes advertised as “fast”, “quick” or “easy” haven’t interested me for a while now. If I can slave for at least a few hours on an amazing lasagna, or make my own ravioli (or other things, non-Italian), then isn’t a meal advertised as finished in 35 minutes a bit mundane, a bit simple? Oh, how much I have to learn…

As I learned last night, however, sometimes delicious meals don’t come from tireless hours of preparation and complex ingredients. Sometimes, all it takes is a few key ingredients, combined together in just the right way. Naming this blog as an homage to Jamie Oliver, I should have known better. Known in his earlier days by the moniker “The Naked Chef”, he has shown a real commitment to simplicity done right. Last night, I attempted to as well.

Coming from “Everyday Food: Great Food Fast”, a cookbook I erroneously thought I had advanced beyond, this dish hits the spot. It’s nothing overly complex  – and I assume Tandoori Chicken can be, at the hands of experienced Indian chefs – but the simple flavours work wonders. The yogurt dip with cilantro and Granny Smiths is not something I would normally make, but in combination with the tandoori chicken, it worked just right.

A simple recipe like this, however, deserves a simple write-up. If I approach “TL;DR” (too long; didn’t read) territory, some readers may mistake this for a complicated dish, skip to the photos, and not think twice about attempting it – which would be a total shame!

So, know that I followed the recipe exactly (aside from using boneless breasts), that it can be found online on Martha Stewart’s website (that was the link…you should really click on it), and that it was totally worth the more than the advertised 35 minutes. Also, know that although the online version claims to be adapted from the cookbook, it’s identical in pretty much every way, including the picture.

That’s it – thanks for humoring me by reading, I’ll humour you now with some very amateur-looking photos, and until next time, happy cooking…and happy birthday to my beautiful wife, who turns 27 today! Included at the end is a picture of the amazing cake my mom made for her, which looked three times as good as anything I’ve put on this blog to date…

Straight from the oven, I love how all the sauce touching the pan burnt to a crisp, and yet the chicken came away so cleanly.
The way it was eventually served, messy and simple, after the more “artistic” photos were taken – emphasis on the quotation marks.


This’ll be the one I submit for Foodgawker. Maybe this time…

Tandoori Chicken

And…for the birthday girl, the cake that I’m pretty sure my mom had at least partially to show me up and remind me who’s boss…

(As a side note, my nieces topped the cake with the blueberries, so they get partial credit as well)


4 thoughts on “47 – Tandoori Chicken with Yogurt Sauce

    1. Thank you! It’s a pretty simplified version, as I imagine there are some very complex ones out there (as tends to be the case with Indian food, right?) but it seemed to work well.


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