46 – Jamie Oliver’s Salmon Fishcakes

I don’t know if there’s anything more frustrating, maddening. or upsetting, than wasted opportunities; obviously, that’s meant only so far as first world problems are concerned, but still…

I say this because I live in an area that has some of the best salmon fishing in the world, and yet I have never once taken advantage of that fact. Although my hometown is named after a First Nations word meaning “valley of many streams”, I have had very little interaction with the fast-moving bodies of water in the area. I once fell into a creek as a kid, and I have been skinny-dipping in the local Vedder River as a young adult on a frigid New Year’s Eve – but I’ve never gone salmon fishing.

I’m hoping to rectify that this summer, as I now know what to do if I have a beautiful salmon fillet in front of me. One of those “things to do” is make Jamie Oliver’s Salmon Fishcakes, which I did last night with a store-bought, previously frozen hunk of salmon. Though not ideal paying the asking prices for out-of-season, caught-by-someone-other-than-myself fish, it was still worth it for the end result that was achieved last night.

The recipe is available through Jamie Oliver’s website, though with a twist. His “Food Revolution” cookbook, which I used in making this dish, made absolutely no mention of adding peas to the mixture. Therefore, I didn’t. Looking online now, I can see that his online version does in fact include peas, yet – surprisingly – it also includes an identical picture! Though I’m a little miffed by the slight lack of sincerity expressed (one of the pictures clearly isn’t a true representation of the final product), I’ll forgive Jamie thanks to how delicious the meal turned out to be.

Please take a moment to look over the recipe so that the rest of this posting makes sense to you…

Anyways…always trying to cut corners wherever sitting and waiting are concerned – e.g., marinating, cooling, etc. – I didn’t let the fishcakes cool down for an hour before frying them. Instead, I threw them in the freezer for about 20 minutes. When I did fry them up, they were obviously a bit less firm than they ideally should have been. As well, I used a griddle to fry up the majority of the fishcakes, and therefore my cooking temps and times were a bit off from recommended.

At the end of the day, my fishcakes were a bit darker than ideal, and a bit softer than I imagined they should be, but the taste was definitely there. I may not be ready to “mash” and fry up my salmon like this every time I feel a craving for this delicious fish, but it’s a nice alternative when I want to switch things up. I mean, I can’t make  Chef Michael Smith’s Ginger Soy Poached Salmon every time, can I? Also, I’m hoping that soon enough I’ll be cooking up my own catch, instead of paying others to do that for me.

I love that the recipe calls for steaming the salmon at the same time – and in the same pot – as the potatoes, which are boiling away below.
The mixture, where the only thing missing is the lemon zest.
Nearly forgotten, the lemon zest makes a late appearance.
The end result. I ended up serving this with some pretty basic mixed veggies (from frozen). Though I wish the colour were a little bit better, they were by no means burnt. The lemon provided a very nice balance when squeezed over top, as well.

2 thoughts on “46 – Jamie Oliver’s Salmon Fishcakes

    1. It’s so expensive to get started up in the first place, but I still hope to make it happen. I may be able to get out on the river with my brother-in-law’s dad who has the equipment already, though, so I’m guessing I’ll catch at least a few fresh ones myself.

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