45 – Chicken Fried Rice (From Jamie to James)

Why did nobody ever tell me it would be so easy?! Had I known that I could make bang-on chicken fried rice ,i.e., as good as any take-out around – and in such a short amount of time – I would have done it years ago!

Actually, somebody did tell me – but it was only a matter of days ago. Ironically, the person is named “Jamie”, hence my reversal of Jamie and James in the title. She runs a great food blog called “Whisked Away“, which I’ve been following for a little while now. Two days ago she shared this recipe on her site, and instantly I knew I had to try it.

With buddies over last night for one of our semi-annual Nintendo64 sessions, it wasn’t the greatest opportunity to cook up and serve rice. Instead, I made Mozzarella and Itailan Sausage Crostinis and Bruschetta, at least one of which I’ll post on here soon. The very next night though – that would be tonight – I made sure that making this dish would be my number one priority.

I made a few adjustments to the recipe out of necessity and otherwise: adding a second chicken breast (and subsequently, more oil); including additional rice (1 cup dried rice, which was clearly more than 2 cups when cooked); tossing in an extra 1/2 cup frozen veggies; and using sunflower oil in place of sesame oil, as we simply didn’t have any. Aside from that, AND using low-sodium soy sauce…AND cooking my rice only 2 hours before frying it up…AND using a Le Creuset braiser because we don’t own a wok…aside from those things, it was exactly as described over at Whisked Away.

I should point out that Jamie took the recipe from a blog titled “Iowa Girl Eats“, both to give credit where it’s rightfully due, and so that you can laugh as hard as I did at the supposed irony of taking cues on Chinese cuisine from a Caucasian girl living in one of America’s fly-over states. Because you can so easily find the recipe at either of their sites (by the way, I laugh, but Iowa Girl Eats looks like a great site), there’s no need for me to restate it here. Pictures though – that I can do…


foodgawker photo


I’m still working on getting a picture accepted by Foodgawker, so wish me luck with this one. I took a ton of different, very similar pictures, and only noticed afterwards that my focal points weren’t ideal and that I should have closed up the aperture a bit. Oh well, a few of the pictures seemed to turn out okay, as I hope you’ll agree.

Anyways, until next time – happy cooking!


7 thoughts on “45 – Chicken Fried Rice (From Jamie to James)

  1. Ha! I’ve never read a more entertaining food post, I chuckled the whole way through! And I like what you did with that from Jamie to James, pretty clever. So glad you loved it as much as we do, you know what they say, the best place to find Chinese food is in….Iowa. And you pictures look great too!


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