42 – Flan de Cajeta con Queso (Crème Caramel with Cheese)

A few weeks ago, my wife Mateja bought a new cookbook. It is, for all intents and purposes, her cookbook. I’ve claimed pretty much all of the other cookbooks in the house, from our brand-new Silver Spoon, to all three of our Jamie Olivers (and everything inbetween), but this one is hers. Yes, obviously we share our possessions – what’s mine is hers, what’s hers is mine – but there are some things that are clearly demarcated as being one of ours rather than both. Just like cell phones, clothing, and personal hygiene items, our cookbooks seem to fall into that category of singular ownership.

I don’t think Mateja will agree with me entirely if she were to read this (“yes, the new one is all mine…but the others are both of ours”) but I don’t have much worry of that. I’ve talked her ear off about my blog so much lately – I think I’ve already mentioned on here that she’s had nightmares about my stats page – that, at the moment, she’s been more about eating the food than reading about it. I totally understand, as I know how completely obsessive I can be. Once I get on a topic, it’s hard to let it go.

Speaking of which…I’ve been wanting to make this “Crème Caramel” for about a week, but have had a hell of a time getting down to actually making it. It’s from “Mexico the Cookbook”, which is the one Mateja is claiming ownership over. As it’s from her cookbook, I’d been graciously giving her time to make a dish from it first, before I tackled any. Unfortunately, nearly every other recipe in the book requires ingredients that are hard to get where we live.

After some hemming and hawing, I gave in and bought the ingredients for this dessert despite Mateja having yet to make a meal from the book. I actually convinced myself it was okay because I would be making it in celebration of Cinqo de Mayo, though that is now nearly a week ago. Dinner this week ran late too many times (and took too much effort) for me to want to spend more than an hour on dessert.

Finally getting down to it tonight, I ran into a few obstacles (like leaving all my eggs at my parents after making brunch there) that pushed the time back quite late. So, unfortunately, my pictures won’t have the natural light I was hoping for. As well, I am way too tired to write much more.

Thankfully, in about ten minutes, I will be *hopefully* tasting a very delicious “Flan de Cajeta con Queso” with Mateja, who will hopefully be too engrossed in Mexican dessert heaven to mind that I deflowered her cookbook. If you want the recipe, here’s the very legit link: Crème Caramel with Cheese. I had to adapt it to account for the size of condensed milk available to me, as well as the fact that I only own four small ramekins, but I tried my best to keep the proportions the exact same.

*About 20 minutes and lots of “attempts” at foodie pictures later…*

My first attempt at caramel. It was maybe a bit darker than it should have been, but it was roughly what it was supposed to be.
From the shadows, you can tell I was taking these pictures quite late. I’ve been playing around with some very basic editing software to silence the imperfections a bit.
Raspberries were cheap this week, so they were used in place of strawberries. These ones were on their last legs, having waited a few days in the fridge for me to make this one.



It was pretty delicious. I’ve never *craved* flan before, and actually have rarely ever eaten it, so it was hard to compare. Regardless, it was pretty tasty, like a muted cheesecake (more subtle flavours, not nearly as rich). I ended up forgetting to place tin foil over the tops of the ramekins, so I had a thin layer of overcooked flan on the bottom. They took a little bit of convincing to come out, and there could have been more caramel oozing down the sides (there was a thin layer of the stuff hardened inside the ramekins afterwards). Regardless, the desired effect was still achieved, making the final product look pretty awesome.

It’s late on a Sunday night though, so if I want a good start to the week, I’d better sign off now. Until next time, happy cooking!

****************** (Post updated 05/15/15)*********************

I’m adding this to Fiesta Friday, co-hosted this week by Justine @ Eclectic odds n sods and Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook. If you get a chance, make sure to take a moment and check out what’s going on over at their blogs, too.


10 thoughts on “42 – Flan de Cajeta con Queso (Crème Caramel with Cheese)

  1. What a funny post! I haven’t had to tussle over cookbooks…but perhaps because I’m more of the sort of buy a cookbook, stare longingly at the lovely pictures, but then rarely end up making anything from it. So I’m very impressed that you’re so proactive when it comes to making things!
    What a lovely flan–the combination of caramel and smooth rich custard is wonderful 🙂


    1. Such kind words – thank you! The only way I can justify buying more cookbooks (as fast as I do) is to actually use the ones we have. I agree though, that sometimes it’s just nice to stare at the pictures and dream of the food magically appearing in front of me

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yum! I love flan so much and I love it more when it’s served individually. You bring such a perfect treat for this week’s FF. Thanks, J. 🙂 Have fun and enjoy your weekend.


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