24 – Mmm-mmm Mojitos From Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube

mojitos 009
His and hers mojitos on a messy counter. She got the mint garnish and the slice of lime in the nice Mexican blown glass. I got the bigger drink. So, definitely win-win.

This post probably isn’t going to make much sense, so I apologize in advance. I eat a good dinner, and blog a good blog post. I drink a good drink, and…yeah…the alcohol hits…

After having key lime pie and mojitos at Earl’s last weekend with my sweetheart (the mojitos consumed as preparation of our trip to Cuba over Spring Break, and the key lime pie because…key lime pie), I had a hankering to create both the dessert and drink for myself.

Today probably shouldn’t have been the day to fulfil that hankering, but fatigue sometimes pushes us to make silly decisions. After a long day that involved playing hockey versus both students and BCJHL Chilliwack Chief players, rushing home to shower during my prep block, and a collaboration session with coworkers after classes ended for the day (discussing new curriculum, no less), I was wiped. Definitely not a day to make both lime recipes, and yet, I started the grocery shopping process.

By the time I’d forgotten the club soda at one grocery store (meaning a visit to a second), and forgotten ice at the liquor store, I finally convinced myself that the pie wasn’t happening tonight. Needing to visit a second liquor store to acquire ice – deciding on ice that’s free with purchase instead of just buying ice like a normal person – I suddenly had extra alcohol on my hands. Arriving home and finding limited fridge space, I decided I obviously needed to clear out room for my most recent alcoholic purchase, a dry white wine intended for some drinking and hopefully some cooking as well. That meant consuming the half bottle left over from past endeavours, which definitely wasn’t a problem.

So anyways, with a half of a bottle of wine in my system, I set out to make mojitos using Jamie Oliver’s recipe. It was by no means an exact process, which is definitely evident from the disparity between the written recipe he has displayed, and the instructions he gives in his included video. How many mint leaves should really be included is a bit of a mystery (written out you see 12, and in the video he says 7-8, but…he appears to be bad at counting…), and other “measurements” are exact like the amount of rum, while the club soda is merely a “splash”, which is neither metric nor imperial…

So yeah, I have no idea how much my mojito tasted like Jamie’s. The nice thing is that I could adapt the taste as I saw fit, which is not something I could do if I were serving it at a bar. Being at home, if I thought “hmm…this needs more sugar”, then I’d simply add more…which I definitely did. The other nice thing is that my wife was out late at a Planning event, so I had a drink ready for her as she walked in the door.

But…it’s late now, and I’ve had a few, since the drinks were moderately tasty. So, I’m going to wish you a “happy hump day” (because it’s Wednesday as I’m writing this, of course) and I’ll go to bed dreaming of soon-to-be-made key lime pie. So until the next post, happy cooking!


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