18 – Jamie Oliver’s Fruit Scones

Tonight, on a whim, I made scones. I bought dried sour cherries weeks ago with the intent of using them in this particular recipe, but never got around to making them. After attempting to help my wife with her ambitious 2.000-piece puzzle – and realizing how much I hated doing such things – I decided to finally get down to business with the scones.

scones 002
Part of the way into the business of making scones. I think this may be the first time I’ve “made a well with the dry ingredients” as so many baking recipes call for. You can see my new scale in the top left corner. It wasn’t necessary for this recipe, but I found a way to use it anyways.
scones 005
They more-closely resembled yellow hockey pucks than they did the scones pictured in Mr. Oliver’s Food Revolution cookbook, but the flavour was still there.

Unfortunately, the end result wasn’t worth the build-up. They tasted as I assume they should (I have had a scone or two in my day), but the verdictcame from above (aka Mateja): too dense. To my credit, though, Matty (as I call her) is blaming it on the flour I used. She’s convinced that I’ve been disappointed while using the particular self-rising flour in the past, which makes me feel a tiny bit better about tonight’s disappointment.

The nice thing about this recipe is that it calls for cutting the scones in half and filling them with jam and whipped cream. Honouring Mateja’s roots, the jam we used was of the cherry variety, and is imported from Dalmatia, a beautiful region in Croatia. The cool, fruity flavour of the jam and whipped cream – sweetened slightly with icing sugar – made me nearly forget that the scones rose such a minimal amount.

scones 003
The finished product, with Croatian jam and sweetened whipped cream. In the background you can see the puzzle that inspired me to do something (anything!) other than the puzzle itself.

Now, if anybody reading this has any advice for ensuring a second batch of scones will rise properly, I am all ears. I think maybe I cut in the butter too much, or added too much milk and worked the dough more than I should have…

Oh well – I don’t think my four and five year-old nieces will be too picky if I bring the leftovers over tomorrow. Although…the elder one said my Jamie Oliver Lasagne smelled like puke…so maybe they are bigger critics than I thought they were. In all fairness though, at her age, I would have also turned up my nose if presented with a lasagne including carrots and smelly parmesan. Actually, I would have possibly had the same reaction even as recently as two years ago. Honestly, I’ve grown a lot in terms of my diet these past few years.

Anyways, I’ll get them to rise better next time around. So, until next post – happy cooking!


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