17 – Steak Oscar (aka Lopsided Surf and Turf)

Steak Oscar 001
I shouldn’t even include this: I wasn’t on my photo-game tonight. Also pictured are the smashed blue creamer potatoes w/ jalapeno Monterey jack cheese that accompanied the Surf and Turf.

So “Lopsided Surf and Turf” may be something I just came up with, but I think that it’s going to stick as my new nickname for the steak/shrimp/asparagus/hollandaise sauce combo that Mateja and I dined on tonight. Other possible aliases for the dish that have just jumped in my head include “Eggs Benny, Hold the Eggs and Whatever a Benny is, Add Shrimp and Steak” and “Shrimp Cow-abunga”.

Okay, so neither of those other options was serious. It’s more of a lighthearted sort of night tonight – both when it comes to the meal, and the blogging thereafter.

The idea of tonight’s dinner was conceived as I walked around Safeway after work, searching for a deal that would push me towards one protein over another. I saw a yellow tag (indicating a price reduction) on the baseball steaks, and knew it was meant to be. Knowing I needed to try something more adventurous than simply grilling the steak and adding mashed potatoes (isn’t that a go-to meal for like, 25% of all red-blooded males?), I did a quick inquiry using my phone. Searching for instructions on how to prepare Steak Oscar, I came across a recipe from Ree Drummond over at Food Network. Seeing its simplicity, I decided it would be my guide for the evening.

It was a very straight-forward process with an incredibly easy hollandaise sauce. In the past I’ve attempted a cooked version of the sauce that very disappointingly separated on my first attempt. Since that first try, I’ve mastered the delicate balance between heating and stirring, making the perfect hollandaise, but spent way too long on the process. Making a version of the sauce that simply involves blending some ingredients and melting butter, and yet tastes just as good (though not having as thick of a consistency), was a cake-walk by comparison.

The meal was surprisingly easy to put together, but it made for a lot of dirty dishes. Thankfully, my efforts towards cooking translated into Mateja putting great effort into emptying and refilling the dishwasher – not that we don’t still have a sizeable mess adjacent to and inside the kitchen sink. I only wish she’s been happier with the final product presented to her – the steak and hollandaise sauce were prepared to my ideal standards, but she found the sauce too acidic and the steak too undercooked for her taste. Next time I’ll definitely use less lemon juice and keep her cut of meat in the oven longer than mine.

Regardless, it was a tasty meal. It may not have been a true Oscar (from what I can find online, Oscar-style includes crab, making “Lopsided Surf and Turf” a more fitting name), but it hit the spot just right.

Anyways, it’s past my self-imposed bedtime, so…happy cooking!


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