16 – Jamie Oliver’s Leek and Potato Soup w/ Martha Stewart’s Biscuits

macarons and potato leek soup 010

After the frustrations of the last two nights (see 15 – Beginner’s Luck Macarons (French Macaroons)), I really needed a win – I needed to completely rock a new recipe. So…I chose the easiest one I could find. What better way to successfully achieve a goal than to choose the easiest goal possible? Man, phrasing it like that makes me feel like a terrible role model…

Despite the recipe being ranked by Mr. Oliver as “super easy”, it was quite delicious. It was nothing special by any means – simply some vegetables in broth – but it made for a quick and light dinner. As Mateja (my wife) grew up eating simple broth-based soups like this, she was very pleased with my effort and how much it reminded her of her childhood in Europe. I was more pleased with the fact that I added a new vegetable to my cooking arsenal – the stoic leek. At this rate – having conquered leeks and eggplant in the same week – I’m going to run out of new vegetables to cook!

macarons and potato leek soup 005
The only reason this is here is because all my other pictures were terrible. A poorly-lit picture of a leek and a dirty counter? I apologize

Something I am very familiar with already was the accompaniment to the soup: Martha Stewart’s Flaky Buttery Biscuits. I’d made them twice in the past (which is why the aren’t getting their own post), and they are just as easy to make as the soup (though a little less healthy). Though Mateja enjoyed the soup a great deal (it’s funny how much we appreciate those things that evoke happy memories), she absolutely loves those biscuits.

For the sake of this post, I tried to firm up exactly what she said regarding the biscuits. I thought she’d said something along the lines of “these are my favourite things ever,” whereas she thought it was more like, “these are the most amazing things in the whole world.” With neither of us agreeing to each other’s remembrance of her comments, she ended the debate by a simple summary: “I can’t remember – I love them so so much.”

Regardless of what exactly she said, the response was positive. If you’re looking for a light meal, then I highly recommend you try this soup recipe. If you’re a glutton for punishment (or just a regular glutton, I guess) then add in the biscuits and feel the shame of excessive overeating (it will happen whether you like it or not). Seriously, they are too delicious to put down until it’s too late.

Anyways – happy cooking!


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