15 – Beginner’s Luck Macarons (French Macaroons)

I think this is the most frustrating experience that I have ever had in the kitchen. I would prefer to stub my toes (all of them!) a dozen times in rapid succession, rather than go through this experience again.

“What happened, James? Why are you so upset? Please tell me, I’m quite concerned…”

First off, I appreciate the concern – it means a lot. Secondly, it’s these *bleeping* macarons. I thought they’d be easier than people made them out to be…and they totally were! I absolutely killed it…best ever…even had my macaron-obsessed sister say they beat her $2-a-piece favourites she gets from Vancouver. Then, I tried to replicate the magic – what a mistake!

macarons 008
Oh, such simpler times, when I thought good macarons might be attainable.

I should have made them once, and never again. I’m actually too upset right now to post much more than this. Perfect vanilla macarons on my first try (accompanied with a dyed-green buttercream filling), and then three straight attempts (each with a doubled recipe) that made me want to pull all my hair out (or at least all the greys I’m sure I’ve gained from this experience).

macarons 012
At this point, I knew success was within reach…

A round of cracked/deflated shells was followed by multiple rounds of hollows, and lots of research. Perhaps I mixed too much, or baked too much, or didn’t have the right combination of windows open…or needed it to have rained on both Friday AND Saturday…

Seriously, apparently these things are that finicky! Apparently the same recipe may work one day in one kitchen, and the next day, in the same kitchen, it won’t. I don’t know if I’ve ever made a recipe where the humidity of the room can affect the results as much as it can with macarons.

Oh well…just know that they worked the first time, and they worked well. I was on top of the world, and I should have stopped there. Maybe this post is best if it abides by that same thought process – no recipe posted (I can’t trust it well enough), no more wallowing or commentary – and just ends now with a picture of happier times. Yeah, I think that’s probably for the best…

Anyways – happy cooking!

macarons 015
This is where I should have stopped – forever. Such delicious macaroons – beautifully formed and delicious. So…opposite of the hollowness all the other batches experienced. Oh well…

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