09 – Chocolate Wafer Log

Cooking 4 004

This shouldn’t count – it really, truly shouldn’t. With a grand total of two ingredients, it doesn’t seem right that I should be able to post this recipe and count it towards my challenge goal. In all fairness though, I just posted three straight recipes (in two posts) that I worked hard at, but weren’t technically new to me. I’d made each of those recipes only once before, but once is enough to disqualify them from the challenge. So…I replicated a super easy, two ingredient, no-bake recipe, and yet I’m counting it in my tally. Deal with it, okay? Besides, it’s awesome.

My mom used to make this dessert for special occasions, and whenever she did, I could never get enough. So when I made it myself, I did the smart thing and doubled the recipe.

That recipe is:

  • 500ml whipped cream (volume refers to amount before whipping)
  • 1 box of chocolate wafers

– Alternate layers of wafers and whipped cream, creating a long, skinny log. Cover with a layer of whipped cream, and top with any broken or left-over wafers (crumbled).

Cooking 4 001

When Mateja, my wife, came home and saw that instead of baking a pie or a cheesecake, that I’d made a log of cookies and whipped cream…well…she couldn’t hide her dissatisfaction. She saw the cookie crumbs, along with the black and white colouring, and figured it was oreo-related (or at least that it would taste like oreos). Some say that opposites attract. Though that’s very true in our case, our lack of desire towards Nabisco’s famous treat is a strong commonality.

In addition to the transgression of creating a supposedly oreo-related dessert she assumed she’d dislike, she also figured I was setting her up for embarrassment. How can something so simple actually pass as acceptable to bring to a dinner party? Was her husband really going to brag about how much work he’d recently put in in the kitchen, and then bring a log he slapped together in a few minutes?

However, after seeing the delight on our host’s face (the fairer half of a husband/wife duo), my wife began to rethink her earlier prejudice towards the dessert. When dinner was over and we finally got around to eating it, she discovered for herself how tasty it truly was. Then, there was this conversation:

Me: (To husband host) “Why don’t you keep the rest of it?”

Husband Host: “Nah, you take it home.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Wife Host: “Yeah, honey, are you sure?”

Me: “See, she wants to keep it. Why don’t you keep half?”

Wife Host: “Do you care which half I keep?”

Me: “Here, have the bigger half”

Wife Host: *Big smiles as she packs away the larger of two final portions*

It suffices to say that my wife wasn’t embarrassed by any means that I brought this particular dessert to our hosts’ house for dinner. In fact, she even made me share the little bit of leftovers that we brought home. Success!

Even though my wife and I have only been married for six months (as of today!), I am wise enough to not utter the words, “I told you so”. However, people put stupid things up on the internet all the time. So…I told you so, honey!


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