Pork Tenderloin in Thyme and White Wine Cream Sauce

This is another one of those recipes that I can’t technically include as a new recipe because I made it once before starting this blog. That being said, it’s one of my wife’s favourites, and one that she has insisted that I include in this blog. I technically made it about two weeks ago, but was too swamped posting new recipes to sneak this one in, so I’m making up for that now.

Ingredients clearly arranged in order of importance. Chilean wine is a favourite of my wife’s. I bought this cheap one for cooking, and she bought a marginally more expensive one for drinking. I personally think mine tasted better, no matter which way it was consumed.

This is one of two different recipes I’ve done with pork tenderloin, and I’m really pleased with how easy it has been to work with. An overarching theme of this year will be experimenting with ingredients I am either unfamiliar with, or simply haven’t cooked with myself. Until a few months ago, pork tenderloin fell into that category. After one or two attempts with this protein, I’ve realized it’s extremely easy to work with, and always seems to produce tender, juicy results, even when my wife insists that I ensure absolutely no pink left showing. Even though some pink is technically okay, when I cook it to her satisfaction, the moistness of the meat still satisfies a guy like me whose worst enemy is dry meat like white turkey meat or overdone chicken breasts.

The recipe, posted on allthecooks.com, is extremely easy: rub the loin with seasoning and mustard mixture; brown all sides of the pork in a skillet with some oil; add the wine and transfer to the onion; finally, remove the meat when cooked, then add the cream and simmer until it thickens a bit.

The recipe calls to season accordingly before serving, but I found that it was salty enough the first time I made it. In fact, I included a bit less salt in the first step of the recipe than what is called for, and even then there was no reason to season extra at the end. Of course, for the sake of presentation (and a bit of taste), garnishing with fresh parsley at the time of serving is entirely necessary. When I made this recipe this most recent time, I served it over spinach-infused pasta; nothing fancy, simply store bought.

This picture was unfortunately taken before I decided to put into effort my photography (taken with my cell phone instead of the fancy camera). Note that I’ve paired it with the same wine I used to cook it – seems logical enough to do so.

This recipe, though not part of my “100+ new recipes”, helps affirm the point of this blog and underlying challenge: acquiring an arsenal of delicious meals I can pull out when the most dreaded question, “what’s for dinner?”, is asked. I know that many times in the future, the answer will be “Pork Tenderloin in Thyme and White Wine Cream Sauce with Pasta”. I mean, I’ll probably shorthand it a little – it’s such a mouthful. Pun intended, unapologetically.


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