03 – Beef Barley Soup

Currently, there are approximately 1 1/2 pounds of uncooked stewing beef just sitting in my fridge, feeling very unloved. As well-intentioned as I might be, I was supposed to have used it two days ago. Having made my first quiche AND my first “Beef Barley Soup” this past Sunday, I figured I would be able to replicate the two-recipes-in-one-afternoon task again. That sort of plan doesn’t work very well when the quiche gets started at 10:30pm on a weeknight. So I put it off until last night, when I decided I was too hungry to wait the 1 1/2 hours for the beef to tenderize, and instead made a slightly quicker pork tenderloin (more on that later). So there it waits – unsure of it’s fate – until I gain the motivation and energy to play Zeus and make lightning strike my kitchen a second time.

So maybe homemade Beef Barley Soup isn’t as exciting and exhilarating as a lightning strike – to some people, at least. However, the stuff I made Sunday night was pretty darn close. I don’t say that meaning to brag in any way, shape or form, though: I take very little responsibility in how things turned out. Browning beef, chopping vegetables, pouring store-bought broth – not exactly overly-difficult and requiring a lot of skill. No, any bragging rights belong to Karen Humphrey, who shared this recipe on a site unfortunately named “Yummy Mummy Club”.

I am not a part of this club, nor do I wish to be. I do not even like admitting that this site is where I got the recipe from. I am simply publicizing this for the sake of two things: consistency (if I give credit where it’s due and share one recipe, I have to share them all), and so that my wife doesn’t question my internet history. She rarely borrows my laptop, and would never feel the need to check which sites I’ve visited – there are no issues like that. However, if for some reason she was in a bind and had to visit YogisAreUs.com or YucatanPeninsula.com or something else that the address bar could mistakenly autocomplete to YummyMummy.ca, I’d rather her be aware of the site and its contents ahead of time.

Moving beyond the awkward name of the site from which I took this recipe, here are the few modifications that I made to Recipe 03 – Beef Barley Soup:


  • 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1
  • Diced tomatoes instead of crushed, as I had it readily available


  • Too tired and lazy to trim the stewing beef, I simply threw it all in the pot at once. Upon realizing I had some huge hunks mixed in with the other, appropriately-sized pieces, I proceeded to remove some of the larger pieces and cut them as the other pieces of beef browned
  • Unbeknownst to me at the time, my level of sodium seasoning was a bit intense. It didn’t make for too overpowering a taste, but next time I will be seasoning the pot less, and instead making sure the salt shaker is on standby for those who prefer a saltier experience
Low marks for presentation, but comfort food shouldn’t be nearly as prim and proper as some other meals.

At the end of the day, I wish I could say that this soup was so great that I couldn’t wait to eat it again. You already know that isn’t true, however, as is evidenced by the beef in my fridge just waiting to be cooked. I guess technically it’s a soup that I can wait 4-5 days to eat again – which is probably an even better distinction. If somebody says “I can’t wait”, well, they usually can. Even when they say “I literally can’t wait”, chances are that they a) totally can wait, and b) they don’t entirely understand the word “literally”. When I say that I literally made it again four days later (and you know that it’s true), I think that speaks much more to how delicious and powerful this meal is.

Honestly, this one I highly recommended.


I finally got around to making this soup again – this time without any added salt – and it was more photogenic this time. I probably should have made sure the focus was on the actual soup and not the store-bought bread accompanying it, but it’s still much better than any photo from my first time around. Again, I could have spent more time on the photo, but I started dinner late and was super hungry.

Anyways, here it is:

This time I actually went through the trouble of pulling out the dslr camera and trying to make it look somewhat presentable

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