02 – Broccoli and Sausage Quiche

Recipe number two, and I’m already throwing caution out the window. Wait…did I say caution? I meant to say “quiche”. Also, by “throwing [the quiche] out the window”, I meant to say “dripping it all over my trivets, cupboards, floor and oven window”. Well, at least I had to window part right.

I guess it’s safe to say that this recipe challenge is going to be a little bit harder than I’d thought – which is good. I was coming into this endeavor with a bit too much confidence; a bit too much “swagger”, as some of my students might say. I now feel humbled, realizing that the task at hand isn’t one to attempt with a feeble heart.

Opel Vivaro
If you look carefully, you can see our white Opel Vivaro we rented. Not pictured: the anxiety I felt trying to exit that nightmare of a parking garage.

I know that I’m up for the task, though, and for good reason: I was once told by a parking attendant in Sarajevo that I have a “strong heart”. These powerful words were bestowed upon me for having successfully removed a 9-passenger standard transmission Opel Vivaro from the depths of his steeply-inclined, sardine-can of a parking garage. At least, that’s what my wife, Mateja, translated to me from the Bosnian he was speaking. He was much kinder than the motorcyclist in Split who, due to the same van and driver (moi) being near-mercilessly stuck on a crowded side street too close to the old town, had a few choice words for all to hear when he couldn’t maneuver around me. Ironically, I needed no translation that time, having been taught a good number of Croatian curses over the years. Anyways, that’s another story for another time, and I’ve digressed too much as it is.

So, onto the food: Recipe 02 – Broccoli and Sausage Quiche. The little bit of caution I did disperse with was in regards to the recipe – I changed it slightly. This, for me, is a huge deal. Generally, I follow every recipe to the t (or teaspoon, more appropriately). This time, alas, I had some mild Italian sausage available, and didn’t want to open a package of bacon for the measly two slices the recipe called for (knowing I’d likely binge-eat the rest in a hearbeat). So, here is the recipe I used – Ricardo Larrivée‘s “Broccoli Quiche” – with the following modifications:


  • 3 cloves of garlic instead of 1
  • marbled cheddar in place of mozzarella
  • the aforementioned 2 mild Italian sausages instead of bacon


  • Instead of using a using a food processor on the dough, I grated the cold butter into the flour, as I’ve yet to remove our food processor from it’s box since we received it on Christmas Day, and I’ve seen this technique suggested in pie recipes before
  • In place of dry beans to weigh down the crust, I used freezer-burnt hashbrowns for attempt #1 and peas (again, freezer-burnt) for attempt #2
  • I seasoned the milk/egg/cornstarch mixture instead of seasoning the vegetables for more even distribution of the salt and pepper
  • I ignored (read: forgot to read) the note to place the rack on the lowest level in the oven, and compensated with more baking time at both stages
  • In attempt #1, I decided to forgo immediately placing a baking tray under my porous quiche pan and decided to instead drip overflowing quiche-y goodness over a variety of instruments and surfaces

Aside from those changes, and the seepage blunder on attempt #1, everything was as it should be – delicious! As I alluded to, I made this recipe twice. The first time was for a super-late brunch on Sunday, January 4th after being snowed in and missing a brunch date with friends in nearby Fort Langley. On a completely unrelated note (or maybe not-so-much), can you call a meal “lunch” or “brunch” if it’s served at 3:30pm? Anyways, the second time was a day later, simply because Mateja and I hadn’t had enough of it yet. I started around 10:30pm, finally refrigerated the entire quiche around 12:45am, and woke up about 6 hours later to a deliciously hot microwaved treat. Had somebody told me a year ago that I would forgo much-needed sleep to make a quiche, much less one starring broccoli, well…actually…I probably would have believed them, but only because I’m extremely gullible and easily impressionable.

Getting back to the quiches though, here are the final products:

Quiche #1 on the left and #2 on the right. #2 was made with a higher crust to prevent seepage and more much smaller pieces of broccoli. The pictures are a little bit too blurry for my liking, but I’ll work out the image-inserting and photo-taking kinks soon enough.

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